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Conjuring ridiculously catchy melodies and combining them with stadium friendly calls of “wooooooo” has become second nature to US progressive pop/rock act Symmetry.

The band of four has once again invaded the UK direct from the US of A, bringing forth a sound that mixes the melodic hooks of 5 Seconds Of Summer with the determination and ferocity of You Me At Six. Their latest single “Fast Lane” is testament to this, blending carefree lyrics with a dash of The Summer Set‘s all-American vibe.

We’ve all been there; you see your future wife / husband approaching in slow motion, a casual hair flick and BOOM, you’re in love. Except she’s interested in someone else. That’s the scenario the video to “Fast Lane” captures, with the boys on a constant mission to one-up each other, all in a bid to win the heart of a girl. The situation quickly escalates, and after both a skateboard and tandem bicycle fail to impress, their efforts step up a gear. Guitarist Jared Hara can be seen taking to a motorbike in a bid to steal the crown – a move made all the more impressive by the fact this talented guitarist lost his sight at the age of 11.

After even a motorbike fails to impress the girl who likes to live in the “Fast Lane”, we see bassist Will step up to the plate, in what can only be described as a sandwich devouring fiasco.

In a world overrun by giant egos and musicians that fall short where integrity’s concerned, Symmetry position themselves well. The band have managed to highlight disability and turn it into an approachable topic, ensuring they don’t take themselves too seriously, whilst continuing to create top-notch tunes.

You can check out “Fast Lane” below and be sure to keep your eyes peeled – we’ve got an exclusive interview on its way and boy is it a good’n.